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Kaya Malay Bistro

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! This was our first-time visit to Kaya. It was a wonderful experience with friendly staff and a mellow ambiance. With fair prices and a wide range of intriguing and authentic dishes, Kaya Malay Bistro is a must-try!




Roti Canai – Handrolled layered flat bread with curry sauce


Mini Soft Shell Crab – sautéed in fresh onion, garlic & shallot with mild chili and fresh Indian black peppercorn


Pad Thai – with shrimp, tofu, & vegetable with crushed peanuts


Rendang Beef – stewed in spiced coconut milk gravy

Kaya Malay Bistro on Urbanspoon


Comments on: "Kaya Malay Bistro" (2)

  1. That looks so delicious right now.. you have no idea.

  2. Mmmm Malaysian food sounds good right now.. been looking for a good Malay/ Indonesian restaurant.. I miss eating Roti 😀

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