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You didn’t read the title wrong, this post really is about a snack product. On the contrary, it’s about a very special recent snack that’s been all over the internet and has apparently reached Vancouver.

So to make this short, cause this will be a quick post, popchips are basically this new kind of chip that is made without frying or baking the potato slice, and instead by being “popped”! How they achieve this, I’m not very certain about, but here’s a quick explanation from their website;

“Popping is how we turn our all-natural ingredients into a tastier, surprisingly healthier chip. We start with wholesome potatoes. Add a little heat and pressure, and pop! A chip. In fact, making popchips is almost as much fun as eating them. We said almost.”

What you’d probably noticed is that “healthier” is the key word in the description. Is it really healthier? In some way, yes. Although when compared with regular chips, it might have a little more sodium but will also have less fat.

The look of the chip is somewhat of a thinner Quakers Rice Crisp with a very round shape. Let’s forget about that because it’s all about the texture and taste when it comes to chips. Can it actually be healthier while still being as tasty as the larger brand chip companies?

IT CAN!!! These popchips are consistenly crispy and will deliver quite a large “crunch!!”  sound from your mouth. Since I got the BBQ flavor, one of the best and most classic of all flavors, I ate it and couldn’t tell much of a difference from a regular brand BBQ chip.

So this HUGE bag of popchips I have at home was bought at Costco last Sunday for about $6, which isn’t too bad considering that it was stuffed with popchips! I definitely recommend popchips to anybody who wants a slightly healthier alternative to regular brand chips, while still maintaining that great taste. There are tons of different flavors to choose from, including original, sea salt & vinegar, sour cream & onion, salt & pepper, and Parmesan & garlic.


Comments on: "What the $#!& are popchips?" (3)

  1. what a coincidence! i popped a few of these chips found in my apt earlier while i was scouting for some study snacks. my cousin left them out and i had no idea these were revolutionary chips! i should have took some more they sound like the perfect studying snacks..

    • Hi! Cool story, LOL. Yeah, I actually found about these through YouTube from Dave Days, a really big YouTube musician, who held a contest for a month’s supply of popchips!

  2. I had them before too and I was so surprised they were pretty damn good LMAO

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