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Sunway Restaurant

Since I’ve mostly been visiting Chinese style restaurants for the last couple weeks, I changed it up a bit and decided to visit a… Taiwanese restaurant! All right, I realize that they’re very similar, but I actually do know a very popular-ish Taiwanese restaurant that goes by the name of Sunway Restaurant.

Hopefully, if you regularly go to Richmond or live there, you would’ve visited Parker Place by now. Right next to it, you’ll find Empire Center; where the famous Hon’s Wun-Tun House was located before King Buffet took over. This also happens to be where Sunway Restaurant is stationed and you have to go into the center before you can spot it. (If you’re coming in from No.3 Road, it will be in the far left corner. If you’re coming in from Hazelbridge Way, turn right and you’ll see it.)



From the outside, you’ll see that Sunway takes up three spaces, and you would think that’s pretty large. Going into the restaurant, the amount of space is just incredibly limited. I’m going to guess that the total number of people that can fit into the restaurant is thirty. As for the decor, they have a beach theme from the chairs to the artwork. It’s quite refreshing and will probably even work for colder seasons like winter.


To this day, I’m almost certain that Sunway does give out take out menus at the front of the restaurant, but I didn’t check. Anyways, this is the take out menu from last year and none of the prices have changed. They sadly don’t have that many choices for noodle soups compared to the number of set meals ( hot pot w/rice, meat dish w/rice, fried rice…) Colorful paper! 🙂


My mom and I ordered a Sunway Beef Noodle ($6.50) each and for appetizers, we got a Deep Fry Pop Chicken ($4.50) and a Deep Fry Tofu ($4.95). Obviously, their English isn’t fantastic, but that hardly matters. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!



There are a couple ways to spot a restaurant’s signature dishes; one being to look at the first item on their menu, and second is to look for the restaurant name in the dish’s name! The soup base that is in the Sunway Beef Noodle is very unique, unlike many other Taiwanese places that I’ve been to. It had a slight hint of garlic in the soup, and it overall tasted sweet and savory. As for the beef, I really love the type that they use here, which is actually AAA from Costco. The beef is very tender and had many pieces included with the noodles. As you can see, the noodles here are different from other places as well because they hand pull them and the ones here are kind of chewy and wavy.



One of the best things that you absolutely must try at Sunway is the Deep Fry Pop Chicken. So far, no other place has better value for this appetizer. At $4.50, they give you an enormous amount! I could hardly believe it when I came to our table. The last time we came here, they actually had these deep fried bay leafs that were garnished with the pop chicken, so I’m not sure where that went. Regardless, their pop chicken also is one of the best tasting ones in Richmond, far better than Pearl Castle’s version.

As for the Deep Fry Tofu, this was a very interesting appetizer. You see, I usually go to Wang’s Beef Noodle House on Granville St. in Vancouver(Click here to check out more reviews of Wang’s) for their Deep Fried Tofu as they had this special garlic sauce that made it an overall spectacular appetizer. The one at Sunway has a similar sauce that’s poured over the tofu instead of served on the side. The garlic taste in this sauce is VERY strong, accompanied with the green onions garnished on top, so don’t try this if you’re scared of the aftertaste. That being said, it went well with the sauce and the tofu was very crispy and soft on the inside.

If you’re with one or two people and you’re craving for some cheap beef noodles like I was, Sunway is a great choice if you don’t mind the small amount of space. They offer friendly service, although it could be quite slow at times during lunch and at night since there’s usually only one or two servers.

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