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As a kid, have you ever gone down to your kitchen on a regular day, and you feel that burst of excitement because you saw that your loving parents stocked up on your favorite drink/snack/candy??  Surprisingly, I had a lot of those experiences before, and I still do! Last night, a slight peek into my refrigerator  revealed a mystical white box!!!!  Okay, it was a just a regular box from New Town Bakery & Restaurant in Chinatown…

As you can tell from the writing on the box, New Town Bakery & Restaurant has 3 different locations, which I didn’t even notice before despite being their customer for so many years now. If you don’t realize it by now, the “Main Branch” is the Chinatown one and it’s right next to BMO. What’s interesting about this place is that they have both Chinese and Filipino influence on the items that they sell. I’ve never seen that before, ever.



Remember that “burst of excitement” feeling I told you about earlier? Whenever I get that feeling, it’s usually for these spring rolls. They’re not just any spring rolls… They’re LARGE VEGETARIAN spring rolls!!!  Usually I’m all out for meat, but not with spring rolls. If you’ve seen Maxim’s Bakery spring rolls, they have nasty pork inside them and taste awful. Is it ironic ,though, that I love Vietnamese spring rolls/ roll dips, but hate Chinese meat spring rolls?? Of course not!~

Time for a special feature ; Spring Roll Reheating 101 by My Food Bliss! 1. Take your spring roll and microwave for 20 seconds! 2. Place in your toaster oven and set oven to 180 degrees Celsius for 3-5 minutes, then flip and repeat until golden brown! OR just buy it fresh and eat straight away !!

Once you bite into one of these spring rolls, it’ll be so delicious that you’ll never want any other vegetarian spring roll ever again! Well, at least that’s my opinion. You might find them a little too oily in which case you should pat it down with a paper towel.

I love the copious amounts of veggies that they have packed into this spring roll. When I first tried one of these spring rolls, they actually had fried tofu puffs in them as well, but they’ve mysteriously disappeared over the years. However, I will admit that if you do you use my method of reheating it, the vermecelli inside can get quite soggy and prevent you from finishing it.

While totally unrelated, I should mention that I’ve recently tried So Good Chocolate Soy Milk and I can not tell you how fantastic it is!  It’s so frothy and sweet, but I believe it has less fat and more nutrients !


The best time to get these spring rolls is late in the afternoon as they get cheaper towards closing time. Be cautious, as there is a chance you will go there and they are out of spring rolls.. 😦  If I ever get a chance, I’m definitely trying out the restaurant as I’ve heard it’s not bad as well.

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  1. New Town Bakery is so far from me, but from the rare occasions I have visited, I’ve tried and loved the (ginormous) egg pie, apple pie, and moon cakes. But after this post dedicated to their spring rolls, I will definitely try those next time!

    I, too, love So Good’s Choclate Soy Milk. My friend’s dad used to work at the factory and would give me cartons of them…I miss those days.

    • Hi! YES, you should definitely try them, and I’ve been meaning to try the apple pie because a lot of people say that’s it’s really good! Unfortunately, I only get baked goods from New Town on rare occasions as my dad works in that area and goes there at the end of the day for the “specials”

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