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As mentioned in past reviews (countless times), Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant replaced Golden Award Cafe Restaurant about 4 years ago. My brother and mom have different opinions on said restaurant, which made me want to try this place even more.


You may have noticed Silver Tower if you’ve ever went to Chubby Lamb Hot Pot across the street, a very popular establishment with a very limited amount of space. What’s interesting is that it’s located right next to Matsuyama, a Japanese restaurant that conveniently burned down a couple years ago.If you do decide to drive there, like most do, their parking isn’t that great. Just a heads up.

Walking into the restaurant, I immediately thought only one thing ; the place looks incredibly small. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the last time I was here (at Golden Award Cafe Restaurant), I was roughly a foot shorter. What’s also very apparent is that they simply love dark-colored decor, in a very modern sense of furniture. Each table had this dangling light that shone a pretty bright glare against the black table.  Overall though, I think this place is perfect for business meetings and casual meals, if you don’t mind the overall loss of brightness.

We went during dinner time, and they gave us one menu with basically everything on it. This page (shown above) consisted of the set meals, mix&match, and hot pan combos. On the other side, it had all the Chinese dishes. Everything was about $9-20, a little pricier for a HK cafe place in my opinion.

I ordered the Salted Fish & Chicken Fried Rice ($9.50) and my mom got the Mix & Match – grilled basa fillet, grilled ox tongue, garlic sauce, spaghetti ($8.95) These prices included daily soup & drink (hot or cold). For the soup, we both chose the “cream soup”

Let’s talk about the “cream soup” because I really wasn’t too sure what the name was. After tasting it, I was very impressed as it didn’t have just corn like many HK cafes do these days. Inside the soup, there were carrots, celery, potatoes, clams, and onions. By the way, in cooking terms, carrots and celery and onions are generally called “mirepoix” to describe the three basic ingredients for a soup. Anyways, this was delicious and not too filling.

The Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice was all right… It had a pretty good “salted fish” smell when it arrived, and I found some reasonably large chunks of fish while eating it. For $9.50, I wouldn’t have expected any less than to have a large portion of food.


The Mix & Match was average as well. They gave us 3 pieces of grilled ox tongue, but only 2 pieces of grilled fillet. Interesting… What I liked, though, about the fillets was the crispy part on the surface of the fish to confirm that they actually grilled it. The garlic sauce, on the other hand, was incredibly salty and ruined most of the dish, so we didn’t use much of it even though they give you one full bowl.

The total came to around $20 before tips. Man, this HST deal that’s been going on has really made eating out a lot more expensive nowadays. Sure, sure, we should’ve gotten used to it by now, but I hope it disappears one day so that we may eat out without worrying about crazy taxes. As for Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant, it has made an acceptable impression on me. Personally, it’s not that cheapest HK Cafe out there, but at least it delivers promising portions and decent dishes. I would definitely want to come again, seeing we have found another great spot to eat!

Silver Tower Cafe Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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