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Deer Garden Signatures

Just yesterday night, my brother informed me of a hidden place known as Deer Garden Signatures, right above Cattle Cafe! For all who have no clue where I’m referring to, it’s on Alexandra Road near Lansdowne Center in Richmond. On that street, there are hot pot, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese restaurants, so this is a very popular spot to eat.

Actually, I went to Cattle Cafe before, around a year ago! I remembered that they had this noodle combo where you can choose your own noodles, ingredients, and soup base!  It was pretty good too!  Yet now, my brother tells me that Deer Garden Signatures has an even better noodle combo deal. Therefore, this was something I had to try!


When I first reached Cattle Cafe, I was a bit confused on where to go. From a distance, it’s probably going to be difficult to spot the cage door on the left of Cattle Cafe. Anyways, you go up the really steep stairs and turn right to find Deer Garden Signatures. It’s not a big restaurant at all and that was mainly why there were a lot of people waiting. The lady told us that we would have to wait for 15 minutes. Obviously, you need a lot of patience if you’re going to come here on a weekend night. A group behind us was told to wait 20 minutes, and decided to leave.While I was waiting, I notice that Deer Garden Signatures recently won the award for Best HK Cafe in the HSBC Diners Choice Awards 2011!

Once seated, you are immediately given a fill-out sheet for each person for the Noodle Combo at $7.50 with a hot drink included ( +$1 for cold drink, +$2 for ” Specialty Drinks on their Drink Menu with purchase of combo”) You get to choose two toppings, and each extra topping is $1 each.

My brother suggested, the night before, that the Peanut Sauce and Chili Soup was one of their best, so I chose that. For noodles, I got the Korean style sweet potatoes crystal noodles. These are the kind that you usually get with Japchape, or Korean style fried vermicelli. Also, I chose the fish puffs and the homemade cuttlefish balls, which are very typical hot pot items.For drinks, I chose the hot Horlick Milk!

**this is my mom’s drink, hot soy milk, which had some weird film/skin floating on top**

Does that look gigantic to you? It should, because this was DEFINITELY worth it for $7.50. Just by the look of it, I knew this had way better value than Cattle Cafe’s noodle combo. Not only that, I tasted it and knew that this surpassed Cattle Cafe by a very wide margin. The soup, as my brother said, was really flavorful and rich. From time-to-time, you could taste one of the peanuts and it still had that fabulous crunch. Spiciness? It wasn’t that spicy at all, but if you decide to chug the soup, then you’ll maybe start feeling the sweats.

The fish puffs were great and I can say the same for the homemade cuttlefish balls. There were enough that I felt satisfied with the portion. As for the homemade cuttlefish balls, they had a nice texture and I could really taste the cuttlefish bits.

**to clarify, there are Korean crystal noodles, bean curd skin, onions, parsley, and a cuttlefish ball in this bowl**

When I first tried grab some Korean crystal noodles, it was all in a bunch and was really difficult to separate. After a while though, they separated and I just loved the chewy texture of the crystal noodles. The peanut sauce and chili soup was absolutely absorbed by the crystal noodles, giving it a nice taste.

Overall though, I thoroughly enjoyed Deer Garden Signatures! Don’t worry! I didn’t forget that there are other meal choices BESIDES the noodle combo like steamed rice combos, Malaysian curry combos, set meals, sandwich combos… Yet, it seems the most popular item all around the restaurant was the noodle combo, which I totally understand. Deer Garden Signatures has quite the prestige status that it has built for itself, and will hopefully carry on with great success.
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