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Ah, seems as though I had just visited Aberdeen the previous day to try out some decent Cantonese food. Well, the following day, I found myself at the Parker Place food court, hungry and ambitious again! Well, maybe not that last one…

In the last Food Court Wonders, I had mentioned that such food courts like Aberdeen Center food court and Parker Place food courts are always flooded on weekends. So it was no surprise when you walked through the doors of Parker Place, to find tons of people. To me though, it Aberdeen Center food court is still a little more popular than Parker Place food court on the weekends. The reason being that you’ll always find that Aberdeen Center’s humongous parking lot is jam-packed on weekends. Sure, not all of those people will eat the food court, but it’d say that the majority does.

Speaking of past reviews, I recently reminded myself that The One Cafe actually originated from The One food stand at Parker Place. Now that they’re a restaurant, the torch has been handed to a newcomer who actually isn’t so new anymore; Yummy-Yummy! I’ve tried this stand several times and have to say, it’s definitely good in a sense that it has the right prices for the right portion size. If you’re trying to get your food stand up to the top, these are definitely aspects that you should be aware of!


Like it’s neighbor, Connie’s Curry Kitchen, they always have a specials menu on display for customers. The items on this menu are usually not served on the regular menu, therefor making them special!  For $0.50+, you can get also get a cold drink! Due to some strange reason, lemon tea is always my preference while going to food courts and even HK Cafes.

Since my parents loved the Preserved Vegetable Meatpie on Rice at Paul’s Kitchen (another famous Parker Place food stand that has now turned into a small restaurant, this one is right next to Superstore!), they wanted to try our the Salted Fish Meatpie ($6.50) on Rice from Yummy-Yummy. On the other hand, I ordered a Beef with Preserved Vegetables Fried Noodles ($7+$0.50 for cold drink), which The Boss Bakery in Chinatown also serves for afternoon tea.

Let’s start with the Salted Fish Meatpie on Rice. The layout of this lunch box was exquisite, even though I know that most places do the exact same thing. There was a lot of this sauce on the left side of the box, and i discovered it was only half full with rice. Not the best thing, but at least there was a sizable number of meat patties. The meat patties itself were crispy and very flavorful, yet I would’ve preferred a stronger salted fish taste. After all, you are paying for Salted Fish Meatpie on Rice and not Meatpie on Rice.


As for my Beef with Preserved Vegetables Fried Noodles, it was surprisingly delicious and a lot better than I had hoped it to be. You would’ve never thought to get good quality fried noodles in a food court, that’s more likely in a restaurant. Sure, the noodles weren’t extremely crispy like the ones in restaurants, but was good enough! The sauce, sadly, was a little too oily, so an easy solution was to just not soak up too much of the sauce with the noodles. Beef? Cooked nicely, and tender.  Preserved vegetables? Generous portions and if you like it, you’ll like it. If you don’t, too bad!

Let’s talk about Parker Place for just a moment. If you’ve ever casually walked through this shopping center, you’ll find that one half holds all the fashion shops, while the other half holds mostly food/misc. As for the fashion shops, they have a wide variety of fashion styles for girls/boys/women/men. Likewise, the other half of Parker Place has everything from glasses to cookware. This shopping center really grows on you if you visit it a lot, and you’ll probably want to come back over and over again.
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