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As I’ve realized by now, most of my reviews were from dining experiences that were during the night time. So to change it up a little, I decided to review a food court for the very first time! Obviously, I’m not going to try every food stand in one day, so I’ll split up the reviews, and these will be called Food Court Wonders.

Saturday mornings are always great, with most people off from work while kids are at home enjoying themselves and watching TV. However, take a look at places like Parker Place and Aberdeen, and you’ll find that it’s flooded with people. What’s more, don’t forget about all the old Asian grandmas and grandpas who wake up super early just to have dim sum!

As I’m attempting to become an amateur photographer, we set out to NCIX in Aberdeen to buy some crucial equipments. Out of convenience, we decided to eat at the food court there instead of the Parker Place food court. The food court at Aberdeen is huge with many different types of food stands. If you thought this food court was just for Asians, think again because it actually has a Triple O’s stand on the far left when you come up the escalator. Since the last time I was here , a Teppanyaki¬† stand has recently opened up as well and I hope I get to try it next time.

While I was with my brother, he told me about this stand that has really great portions and the food is not bad. When we arrived, we also realized that it was one of the places with the longest line-ups. This place is known as Leung Kee Cantonese Food, right next to the stand that we usually go to (Mambo Cafe).

There were a couple specials going on, so I chose the Curry Beef Brisket with Rice ($6.25 + $1.25 for drink) and my brother got the Shrimp Paste Beef Fried Rice Noodles ($5.95+$1.25 for drink) . The total came to around $16 ish, which wasn’t bad for a decent lunch.

Probably one of the best features about Aberdeen food court is that there are a lot of seats available because of the large area that it takes up, which is great!

As for the food that we got, my brother wasn’t kidding about the portion size. My Curry Beef Brisket with Rice was almost 70% rice and 30% curry. For this reason, I couldn’t even mix all the curry with all the rice or it would be too dry! I ended up with a little less than half of my rice that I didn’t eat. That being said, the actual curry itself was “okay” meaning that it wasn’t spectacular but wasn’t bad as well. Same goes for the beef brisket. Mainly, it was your regular HK style curry, but with a little more spice.

Oh, and I kept on finding these black-ish herbs in my curry. Don’t know what it was, but it didn’t taste good at all.

What about my brother’s Shrimp Paste Beef Fried Rice Noodles? It smelled very aromatic when he first opened up the lunch box. Moreover, it looked absolutely delicious… Yet after he ate half of it, he told me it was sort of bland. You see, there was this little cup of soy sauce that the woman gave us and when we got to our table, we were confused about what it was for. Out of curiosity, my brother poured some soy sauce on the rice noodles and soon enough, he told me it tasted way better. He also could not finish the entire thing, and I don’t blame him. The dish was sort of oily, but still edible.

By the way, he told me first that it was definitely spicy enough. Guess what he found in the fried rice noodles ? No, it’s not garlic, but actually dried chili.

To be honest, I admire the success of this food stand. Every weekend , they probably get loads of customers and that will most likely not change any time soon. With their large group of loyal customers and decent prices, I reckon this will be here for a long time. Aberdeen Center food court still has tons of other food stands, and I look forward to trying out some more!

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Comments on: "Food Court Wonders: Leung Kee Cantonese Food" (3)

  1. Vox Angel said:

    That’s a cardamom pod. Great for spicing dishes (especially Indian food), not so great for munching. Generally, they should be picked out like bones.

    • Hi and thanks, I didn’t know that! I’ve never eaten real Indian food before, so I’m very unaware as to the spices that are used. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind if I ever visit an Indian restaurant!

  2. chowtimes said:

    Hi Ralph: Wasn’t that blackish herb look like an insect? LOL! No I am kidding! Yeah, I love Aberdeen but did not go as much because of the parking lot. Ben

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