Blogging the best of Vancouver – one restaurant at a time

Few weeks ago my family decided to go to eat all-you-can-eat buffet. At first we were kind of hesitated to go to places like these because first of all we know that we will be extremely stuffed afterward and we know the quality of Japanese food will not be the greatest. So I suggested to go Ninkazu Japanese restaurant because I personally think that it is one of the best all-you-can-eat place out there. My mom and brother were excited because they haven’t tried this place before. Usually they go to other places like Richmond Sushi or E-Bei Japanese restaurant, which I don’t really like unless I just want to stuffed myself. Their quality were mediocre and their ambient was ok. Especially at E-Bei their floor is always slippery and their tables are tiny. When we arrived at Ninkazu it was super packed. However since our party only has three people we got seated right away. We were lucky that we got a window seat and we get to see the view of the dark parking lot. After we got seated, we quickly ordered a few items to start because all of us were starving.

First to arrive was the salmon sashimi. Since they only allow a certain amount of sashimi (2-3 slices/person), we can only order so much. They were quite fresh looking and tasted quite good. However I find that the slices is quite small. This is quite typical all-you-can-eat style because of the cost.

Second to arrived was the BBQ spare ribs, spinach gomae(japanese spinach salad) and the tonkatsu(Japanese fried pork chop).  Their spare ribs was quite good. The meat were quite tender and flavorful. It has the korean BBQ  marinate  flavor with charcoal on it. The spinach gomae was okay since the spinach was on the warmer side and not cold enough but the sesame or peanut sauce was quite nice. The tonkatsu was fried quite nicely. Even though the texture of the pork is on the tougher end, it fresh enough so that each bite you can still taste the pork juice coming out of it.

While we were waiting for our other food to come, we notice the Vancouver Coastal Health sign. It warns people that are consuming the raw oyster that they can get disease and bacteria from it. It reminds me of the warning in front of a cigarette box. Soon after, rest of our food arrived. The fried chicken wing, chicken yakitori (chicken skewered), fried tofu, oyster motoyaki (baked oyster in mayo), calamari, gyoza, some kind of fried fish, eel fried rice, yakisoba and more chicken wings!!!

Out of all the items, the chicken yakitori, oyster motoyaki and the eel fried rice were quite good. The chicken yakitori was quite flavorful. Even though the outside may seem dry, once you bite into it the chicken juice with Malaysian style marinate really goes well together. It was so good that we order two more rounds of this afterward. The oyster motoyaki was one of my favorite because the mayo sauce that was done quite well. The oyster could be a little bit bigger, but it is the small portion that makes me want to order more and more. Finally the eel fried rice was a surprise to all of us. We though it would be tasteless and dry. Surprisingly it has a nice eel flavor with little bits of eel in it. We did order another bowl afterward because it is a very small bowl.

Finally after three rounds of food, my family decided to give up and head for home. I did not take a picture of the bill because there were a lot of people waiting still, but it came up to be around $45-ish. For around $15 /person is not too bad for late all-you-can-eat . Since Richmond Sushi and Happy Sushi is around that price, I think Ninkazu pricing is quite competitive. We will definitely come back!!

Ninkazu Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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