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The One Cafe

Ah, spring is just around the corner, even if it’s starting to feel like winter again… Before long, spring break will commence and all the teenagers and children will be released from school to enjoy their two school-free weeks. As spring usually means a fresh start, we decided to find a new regular restaurant to go to as E-Canteen is gone…*sigh*

If you have ever went to Richmond Center by Canada Line SkyTrain, you may have noticed a restaurant called The One Cafe. It is still pretty new ( only opened up last year) and the owners moved from their small spot in the Parker Place food court. To be honest, this place was actually doing quite well in Parker Place, serving as one of the busiest stands, especially in the morning with their breakfast meals. How does The One Cafe, if in any way, differ from The One at Parker Place?

Their restaurant is quite nicely decorated and laid out, giving a warm and mellow sort-of feel to the dining experience. Everything in the restaurant seems very modern and it works!  They even have the nice, large glass window up at front like some cafes do. We arrived at around 9pm on a Friday, and there were many tables available, surprisingly. Everyone is probably off in Downtown Vancouver, hitting the scene, getting loose; that stuff.

As for the menu, they have reasonably priced dishes, most of the regular ones are $7-$9, and the more deluxe meals (like steaks and lamp chops, items of that variety)  are $10 and up. As a HK style cafe, it featured some basic Chinese style meals: fried noodles, fried rice,  specialty meats on rice, etc… They also have a Noodle item where you get to pick everything!!  Soup, ingredients, and noodles!  I really hope to try that someday!

For me, I got a B+B, which literally is a mix grill with two B items. This cost $8.95, and for that you get a choice of two items, a choice of spaghetti/rice/vegetables, a choice of sauce( Red Wine Demi Glaze, Onion Sauce, Mushroom Sauce,etc…)and a choice of soup, which was between cream soup and russian borshe. I got Chicken Steak and Honey Ribs with rice and red wine demi glaze sauce. As well, I chose the cream soup.

My mom got the Shredded Pork Chow Mein($8.95), as I’m sure she wasn’t too pleased with the one at Enjoy Cafe 1+1…

The B+B mix grill? Delicious and filling. Nice light sauce for the chicken steak and honey ribs. The honey ribs were actually beef ribs and were very tender,definitely sweet because of the honey. They obviously take their mix grills very seriously here.

The chow mein? Better than Enjoy Cafe 1+1. Came hot and a very good portion size. Overall, it was simply like E-Canteen’s chow mein, ‘cept a little pricier. Entire meal came to around $22.29, mostly cause cold drinks are extra and we each had one.


There isn’t much left to say about the rest, because it is clear ,just from ordering two items, how this place stands. Four words: Fantastic, but slightly pricier. Everything seems to work about this restaurant, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only nitpick is that its prices are jacked up a little more, so if you don’t mind, than check out this place for sure!

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