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Never heard of this place? Probably because it just opened today. Yes, the famous E-Canteen is gone and we’re all deeply sorrowed of its departure, my brother will especially miss the delicious Seafood E-Fu Noodle Hot Pot and me, the Thai Chicken Fried Rice. It will never die because it will always live on our memories. Now, onto the “new kid on the block.”

Enjoy Cafe 1+1 is the name and upon walking in, the place looks very refined and a tad cleaner than usual. The inside has a nice fresh coat of vibrant yellow, as opposed to the darker shades of blue and orange that was there previously. Apparently, to prevent confusion from E-Canteen employees,  they hired entirely new waiters as I couldn’t recognize any of them, and I’ve been there countless times.

The managers who ran the place obviously were quite stressed as we were not seated immediately when we arrived. However, we got seated and they took our order rather quickly, although was very loudly telling us that we should order Chinese style dishes because the western style dishes ( like mix and match grill sets) would take longer.

The menu, surprisingly, stayed pretty similar to the E-Canteen menu, offering Chinese style (fried noodle/rice, regular Chinese dishes) and western style (baked pasta/rice,  grill sets). What we didn’t apparently notice was that during 6pm-9pm, it was +$1 for each set meal. Not a huge surprise considering E-Canteen also did this very cleverly.

Since we were extremely curious on whether the chef of E-Canteen had left town or not, we decided to try out some old favorites of ours, the Thai Chicken Fried Rice which was $7.50 and the Shredded Pork Chow Mein which was $7.25. For those prices, it seems like a pretty good deal, right? Well not exactly.

It seemed to take the kitchen 30 minutes to make our Thai Chicken Fried Rice, and realizing that I actually was bored enough to keep count, it does not look good for Enjoy Cafe right now.  But enough with that complaint, how did the food taste???

Exactly the same as E-Canteen’s! Nice fluffy fried rice with flavorful Thai seasoning and lots of roasted chicken. On the other hand, the portion size was not up to par. They’re definitely missing the value that E-Canteen had, like portions large enough that regular people who order one dish each usually end up taking some home.

How about the Shredded Pork Chow Mein? This was essentially my mom’s order and from the looks that she had while eating it, I could tell she didn’t enjoy it.  She told me it was bland and even got up to get some soy sauce. After trying some, I agreed and added that it wasn’t as crispy as we wanted to be.

Oh and as with most places that are similar to this, it came with a free drink. The total came to around $17, not bad, would’ve been a lot worse with the +$1 from 6pm-9pm!

To be honest, this was not really the experience that I hoped for, seeing my high standards from E-Canteen, and I’m glad that I gave this place a try. Although I wish that E-Canteen was still here, this will open people up to new options for dining . As for Enjoy Cafe itself, I might revisit in the later months as I realize that they need some time to develop.

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Comments on: "Tryin’ Out Enjoy Cafe 1+1( Official Opening )" (6)

  1. Hi Ralph: I was writing my post on this restaurant when I stumbled on your site. Good stuff! I am going to add your blog into the blogroll of my site. Hope it is OK with you.

  2. […] I was researching for this post, I stumbled yet on another Vancouver area food blog. It is called My Food Bliss and that blog also has a review of Enjoy Cafe 1+1. Isn’t it wonderful how many food blogs there are out there? I have a feeling that there are a […]

  3. foodfinder said:

    What is the reason you call e canteen famous.
    Famous for poor services??
    I agree that their foods were good, but not their services.

    • My brother called E-canteen famous because we went there so many times that the staff were familiar with us. The owner and the staff were actually quite nice once you get a chance to talk to them. In terms of service, it is a hit and miss sometimes. If we were there when it was quiet, the service was quite good. The staff were attentive and nice. However if they get busy, the staff panics and their services drop significantly.

  4. This place sucks, even worst than e-canteen. The food tastes so bad in here and bad customer service. At the end our bill was $31.92 and we had 3 people. I was the only one who had exact change so I paid $12. My other 2 friends only had $20 bills so they each paid $20 so the total was $52.00. Then this waiter took it and came back with only 8 cents so we went like wtf? We paid 2 $20 bills and 2 $5 and 2 $1. The waiter kept saying that we only had paid 1 $20 bill, 2 $5 and 2 $1. We were sure that we paid $52 because my friends each only had 1 $20 bill in their wallet. So I told the waiter to check the camera and he said that the camera can’t check at the area we were sitting. I found this is very ridiculous and non sense. Never ever going there in my life.

    • Wow, that really is outrageous! I wouldn’t go again either if I was you. That’s practically stealing, if you think about it. I would definitely tell them to get their manager at that point. What a gyp they are.

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