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Hey y’all! I’m back with my second food blog for this site, and this time, I will be reviewing about New Asia Deli Restaurant, which is conveniently located in Richmond Continental Mall with other great places to eat like G-Men Ramen (from the last food blog), Posh(shabu-shabu), Gyo(japanese style), Pearl Castle (taiwanese combo sets and bubble tea ^_^) , etc…

As you can tell from the photos, I visited this restaurant at night for dinner at around 9-ish. By the way, this restaurant does close at 10 o’clock and is owned by Chinese people…NOT Vietnamese people. When we walked through the door, we found the place to be a bit small for a restaurant. However, I’ve went to several Pho restaurants that seem to be roughly the same size as New Asia Deli. As well, we noticed that there didn’t seem to be a lot of customers at night, maybe 1 or 2 at most. The poster outside the restaurant of the enormous Viet sub gives you a hint that their subs are actually very popular, especially since they told right away when we sat down that they were sold out on all subs.



Alright, the one on the left is the Rare Beef and Well Done Beef Flank and Tripe and the one on the right is just Rare Beef.We ordered all large sizes and when they mean Large…they mean LAARRGEE!!! Large orders cost $7.25 and small orders cost $6.50. If you’re worried about bean sprouts, don’t worry! We received a full plate of cooked bean sprouts , as well as a plate of bay leaves and lime wedges. Every time I eat Pho though, I have to get a bowl of the mysterious spring roll dipping sauce, but I always pour it into my noodles.

Speaking of spring rolls, we did order a plate of spring rolls, which came with only four ….  These are not your typical Vietnamese spring rolls because they looked like regular Chinese-style spring rolls, except they were longer and thinner. They were $4.50/ 4 rolls.

So overall, I really liked eating here and I was absolutely stuffed when I left this restaurant. Their service is OK compared to other Pho restaurants. I am definitely coming here again to try their popular subs! The total cost of our dinner was around $33, which I think is pretty reasonable!
New Asia Deli Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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