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G-Men Ramen Revisit!!!

Hello guys this is my first food blog for G-Men ramen in Richmond Continental  Mall ! This is my 3rd time going to G-men and I really enjoyed it. By far this is the closest ramen shop to my house. This time around, the room was really hot and eating ramen was not a really good choice, but I wanted to review a place that I felt comfortable with.

When I got to the restaurant, it was fricken HOT!!! Apparently their AC was down and everybody had to eat in this 30 degree steam room. Nevertheless i found the atmosphere quite nice; it has this authentic “Japanese ramen  stand” feel. We were seated right away and the first thing i noticed was they are doing a promo with pop. $1.50 is still pretty expensive for a can of soda but it’s a good way to make money! After we sat down, my mom and my bro tried to decide what kind of ramen to get. I suggested Tonkatsu Miso Ramen, the all time favorite. My mom and bro both agreed with me. For myself however I wanted to try something more special, so I aimed for the Miso, Kimchi, Cheese Ae Soba. Literally it is just a Tonkatsu soup-less ramen with kimichi and cheese. We also decided to get a chashu mini don.

It took around 10 minutes for the food to arrive so our eyes took in the decor of the place. I noticed that there was a TV just above the main kitchen area. It was playing some kind of old Japanese movie, which was pretty neat and retro.

After 10 minutes or so we got the chashu mini don and my brother and mom were blown away by it. It had their signature chashu meat which is barbecue pork with fat on top of rice served with, i believe, Japanese mayo, some kind of terikayki sauce and shredded green onion . The combination of all these ingredients are perfect for each other. I honestly never had such a perfect rice bowl, if only they had it in a bigger portion. Anyways, when by the time the noodles came, we had finished half of the mini-don. So we decided to order a 2nd bowl lol.

For the noodles, my mom and bro got the Tonkatsu Miso Ramen. It had wood ear mushroom, green onion, slices of pork, tonkatsu soup base and the noodles of course. My mom and my bro said that the soup was really nice and rich and really brought out the flavor of the entire meat. They even said that it was too rich. I had a spoon of the soup and I enjoyed it a lot. My brother then added the raw garlic and chili into the soup, to enhance the flavor even further. By the time my ramen came, my mouth was full of different kinds of flavor that I couldn’t resist. For my Miso, Kimichi, Cheese Ae Soba, it has kimi , cheese (i think is parmesan), woodear mushroom, half boiled egg, slice of pork and the noodle of course. When the waitress took it over, she advised me to mix it well. So after some intense mixing, I took the first bite. I was so amazed by the flavour, it was so strong. The miso flovour was so rich!  With the combination of the kimichi, then entire bowl of noodles was perfect. I especially enjoyed the cheese. I love cheese and I couldn’t survive without it, but when I had this bowl of noodles, the cheese was more of an enhancer. Overall it was the perfect combination of spicy and miso. After finishing the meal, I just want to to eat it over and over again. G-men is a perfect ramen spot and I will definitely come back again

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