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Kaya Malay Bistro

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! This was our first-time visit to Kaya. It was a wonderful experience with friendly staff and a mellow ambiance. With fair prices and a wide range of intriguing and authentic dishes, Kaya Malay Bistro is a must-try!




Roti Canai – Handrolled layered flat bread with curry sauce


Mini Soft Shell Crab – sautéed in fresh onion, garlic & shallot with mild chili and fresh Indian black peppercorn


Pad Thai – with shrimp, tofu, & vegetable with crushed peanuts


Rendang Beef – stewed in spiced coconut milk gravy

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Here is another foodie picture blog! Even though not all the items here are from the Dine Out menu, they are still enjoyable for viewing pleasure. Enjoy!



Chefs Satays – Asian BBQ Short Rib, Corn Hush Puppy, Lemongrass Chicken and Green Papaya Slaw (DINE OUT menu)


Braised Angus Beef Cheeks – Pickled Shallots & Celery Leaf, Celery Root Purée, Roasted Cauliflower & Hazelnuts (DINE OUT menu)


Rib Eye Bone InServered with Smoked Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes & Signature Brussels Sprouts


Braised Lamb Shank with Atlantic Lobster TailServed with wild Mushroom Risotto, Goats Cheese Jus


Signature Spaghetti & Meatballs with Atlantic Lobster TailServed with Truffle Cream, Garlic Confit, Herb Ricotta


Truffle Parmesan Thyme Fries (DINE OUT menu)


Dessert Trio – Chocolate “Lollipop”, Mini Crème Brûlée, Macaroon (DINE OUT menu)

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Just by looking at these pictures I am hungry already. Please enjoy the food…I meant pictures!!


Vj’s Railway Express – Butter Chicken Schnitzel

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Roaming Dragon Food TruckChinese Pork Slider with Chinese Fried Rice Ball 


Roaming Dragon Food Truck – Kimchi Fried Rice Bowl with Grilled Calamari, topped with Fried Quail Egg 

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Moms Grilled Cheese Truck


Moms Grilled Cheese Truck“The Hot Angelo” Sourdough with Spicy Gypsy Salami, Pesto Mayo and Pepper Jack Mozzarella 

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Wow I cannot believe that it has been 2 years ever since I posted ANYTHING on this website. I will try to update this website as much as I can but I am just going to stick to picture only for my post for now since I do not feel like writing an entire blog post. So please enjoy pictures of delicious food!!! DSC_0381SOUTHWEST ROASTED CORN SOUP  DSC_0382BAKED GARLIC SHRIMP  DSC_0390NEW YORK Tender New York striploin with black peppercorns and creamy peppercorn sauce. (12 oz) DSC_0396PRIME RIB (12 oz) DSC_0407KEG CHEESECAKE DSC_0397SORBET Raspberry and chocolate

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Since it’s that time of year again when the blistering sun comes out and nobody can resist that urge to get outside, we decided to pay a visit to one of our old friends, Pajo’s!

This fish and chips shack has been here for the longest time ever, proving to be one of the more popular locations in this area. They are very family-friendly as they have many picnic tables and benches for larger crowds of people. Furthermore, it just so happened that the Richmond Maritime Festival was taking place at the Steveston Wharf when we went. Finding a parking spot was every man (or woman) for themselves! We constantly missed chances at parking, and obviously we weren’t going to pay $10 for the special parking lot for a 1 hr lunch. The key is patience, and pure luck. Both proved useful as we found a spot after half an hour of  patrolling  the area, only costing us $6 for 2 hrs of parking.

To buy and get your food, you have to walk down a ramp, which means strollers and wheelchairs are happily accepted. Of course, Pajo’s specialty is to set you in the ocean-kind-of-feel while you eat your meal to complete the experience. However, I don’t absolutely adore the murky green water that surrounds the place or the seagulls/birds that fly around the eating benches.  It’s a decent touch and I won’t bag too much on it. For us, we went back up the ramp to the picnic tables.

Out of curiosity, I peeked through the ordering window ( which is not what you see in the picture, by the way, this is the pick-up window) and checked out their working “environment”. Click to continue…

Finally, it’s summer again and thanks to my extremely open schedule, I will try to get blog posts up and running again. Actually, I’ve just returned from my trip to Hong Kong about a couple weeks ago and boy, it was insanely humid! Once I walked out of the airport, a blast of heat just enveloped my face and soon enough, I felt my body react to the sweaty “sauna-like” conditions that these HK people must endure in the summer. Oh wait, I just remembered that this a food blog, and nobody wants to hear about the grossness of being sweaty. OK! I only have three words to describe the food in HK: cheap and authentic. By “authentic”, I’m obviously not talking about those fast food joints like Cafe de Coral, Fairwood, or Maxim’s. So enough with explaining cause I’m just going to show a few items that I tried and would like to try again.

JIAJANG NOODLES (special sauce minced pork on noodles)

SMALL (bowl) / LARGE (plate) : ~CAD $3/4.25

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You didn’t read the title wrong, this post really is about a snack product. On the contrary, it’s about a very special recent snack that’s been all over the internet and has apparently reached Vancouver.

So to make this short, cause this will be a quick post, popchips are basically this new kind of chip that is made without frying or baking Click to continue…

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